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004 – Consejos Retrospectivos

In this podcast you will learn to speak about things in hindsight by using the past perfect of the subjunctive mood, and here is a PDF file that will help you understand this topic.

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003 – Pretérito Imperfecto de Cortesía

We explain the “pretérito imperfecto de cortesía” that is used in friendly requests. This form is used to smooth out questions and requests so that they are not perceived as rude or too blunt. Here is the document that accompanies this podcast.

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002 – Expresiones Populares

Our second podcast is a continuation of our discussion of modismos (idioms), frases idiomáticas, lenguajes, locuciones, and expresiones. We give examples on how and when to use them in everyday conversations, and you can follow this link to open a document with more detail on this podcast.

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001 – Expresiones y Frases Idiomáticas

Welcome to our very first podcast in which we discuss some Spanish idioms and idiomatic expressions. Click here to open a document with more information on this topic. Thanks for visiting Julio and Gringo!

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