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008 – Autoestima y Aprendizaje

In this podcast we talk about the importance of self-esteem during the process of learning a new language.

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007 – Condicional

The conditional tense is used in Spanish much like the same tense in English, and that is to express what “would” happen under certain circumstances. Nonetheless, you can find as many as 9 different particular uses of this tense by clicking on this document.

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006 – Perífrasis Verbales

“Perífrases verbales” are verb combinations with two or more verbs that work together. There are about 140 of these verb combinations in Spanish. Some common ones are: ir + a + infinitivo, estar + gerundio, poder + infinitivo, tener que + infinitivo, and haber de + infinitivo. Click here.

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005 – Perífrasis de Movimiento

Spanish uses perífrasis to describe the movement of some verbs. For example, “Ella entró corriendo la casa” would sound odd or unnatural in English if it were translated “She entered running the house.” Since a preposition is used in English to express direction, this Spanish would be properly translated, “She ran into the house.” Here is a document with more examples.

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004 – Consejos Retrospectivos

In this podcast you will learn to speak about things in hindsight by using the past perfect of the subjunctive mood, and here is a PDF file that will help you understand this topic.

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