I’m Keith the “Gringo,” and welcome to the site. I started learning Spanish at the age of 48, and now I communicate effectively and comfortably in Spanish at the intermediate level B1 (as certified by the Cervantes Institute in Spain). After completing my undergraduate B.A. degree, I earned a Master of Arts degree and the TEFL Master Diploma (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I have taught English in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and here in the USA at two universities and in various other programs. I love to teach English, and I enjoy helping native English speakers learn how to speak Spanish.

Email: flywithspanish@gmail.com
Website: Fotopala.com
Website: Inspirado.org
Website: JulioAndGringo.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/keithkreuz
Resume in English
CV en EspaƱol

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